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SRF Wagyu Ribeye Steak

Boneless Prime Short Rib

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Prime Boneless Short Rib

Black Angus, fed and grew up eating grass in the clean area of Nebraska, has excellent marbling and excellent taste, so everyone who has taste it once, try to look for it next time. It's delicious enough to be counted as #1 among the meat.

Grass - Fed New York Steak

Cows that grow only on grass by grazing have the same ratio of Omega 6, so even for those who need to avoid meat. It is a good food that presents especially health with its unique softness and excellent taste by feeding alfalfa and carrots.

Wagyu Shabu Shabu

Thin sliced beef cooked in a delicious broth and dipped in a light soy and citrus sauce -- that's Shabu Shabu!
It's important to use high quality beef (available on Meatbox) and a cut that can be sliced thin.